Hidden in Plain Sight

Heritage and Art Features on Victoria Streets and Sidewalks

Broad Street scene

Text by Janis Ringuette     Photos by Norm Ringuette

This website describes and illustrates unique heritage and art features “hidden in plain sight” on public sidewalks and streets in Victoria, British Columbia. These interesting features are overlooked and unappreciated by most residents and visitors. Available free in public areas twenty-four hours a day, they deserve to be on everyone's must-see list. The first seven articles listed below were published in the Victoria Times Colonist as a feature series in 2006. Material was updated and expanded for this website in 2007 and more photographs included.

The Victoria City Hall clock                    MECHANICAL CLOCKS

Part of a Broad Street mosaic  BROAD STREET ART AND CODES

Underneath view of sidewalk prisms                    SIDEWALK PRISMS

Looking northward along Waddington Alley                  WADDINGTON ALLEY

Hitching posts still useful                            HITCHING POSTS

Government Street tile name          CERAMIC TILE NAMES

Knobby cover to prevent slipping               MANHOLE COVERS

Ring just below Wharf Street                             MOORING RINGS

        We invite you to visit our website on Beacon Hill Park history. Located an easy three block walk from downtown, Beacon Hill Park is Victoria's largest heritage site. Established during the Hudson's Bay Company era, the magnificent public area has been used as a park for more than 160 years. Beacon Hill Park History 1842-2009 is a comprehensive, chronological history of the park with 24 chapters, over 500 photos and maps, and many articles. Clover Point Park History and Holland Point Park History are also included on the site. Click on the link:


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